Film Score

Music created for the screen.


"Buggin" - Teaser

Sam's boring summer is brightened when the beautiful Mary moves in next door, but things get complicated when Sam discovers a terrible secret about her parents. He must fight to prevent their nefarious plans for their daughter in this wry suburban twist on monster movies and teenage romance.


"Harold Crumb" - Making of

Documentary of the live scoring process of "Harold Crumb" at McNally Smith College of Music.

"The First Date" - Teaser

How far will fate go? Jack and Rachel are about to find out. Destined to be soul mates, these two are embarking on a lifelong love. There's only one problem – they have to get past their first date. The night always ending in a heated argument, these two return to their beds only to relive the same date time and time again. But when Rachel doesn’t show as planned, Jack is forced to take matters into his own hands. Can he find her, win her love, and fix the timeline? Or is it too late and are Jack, Rachel, and the rest of the world doomed?

"Panhandler" - short film

A love struck young man runs crosses path with a very interesting man who claims he forgot where he parked his car and isn't a mad panhandler.

"Sorry I'm Late" - short film

Using: Beethoven and Bach backwards, but me forwards... something is backwards bout this idea.